The Mill+ team and I were asked to create five animations to promote Whirlpool’s offerings during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The concepts were inspired by short-form Vine and Instagram content, so it was a great excuse to roll up our sleeves, break out the X-Acto knives and boot-up the Dragonframe stop motion software. Our approach included a fair amount of prep work including prop fabrication, character rigs and the construction of miniature sets.

Working in a large photo studio allowed us to stage all five animations – including one inside a refrigerator – for production efficiency within the compressed timeline.

Whenever you have a project that requires you to step away from the computer it's refreshing, and this was certainly one of those opportunities.



Client: Whirlpool

Agency: Alpha 245

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Mill+
Head of Design: Bowe King
Art Director: Jeff Boddy
Head of Production: Andrew Sommerville
Senior Producer: Tracey Khan
Animators: Jeff Boddy, Matt Darnall, Drew Tyndell
Roto & Clean-up: Chris Mennuto, Chas Fries, Josh Van Praag
Production Artists: John Mallett, Lindsey Mazur
Photographer: Mikey Pehanich
Colorist: DJ Miranda