Does it feel like your project budgets and timelines just keep getting smaller and smaller? You are not alone! This presentation focuses on the pros & cons of the high volume, low budget trend in advertising and the impact it is having on production. The key takeaways include:

  1. A two-pronged approach to budget and timeline restrictions.
  2. The difference between specializing and generalizing your creative abilities.
  3. The creative process used by the design and animation teams at top-tier studios.
  4. How to retain your passion along your career path.
  5. Plus a cautionary tale of overly accommodating a client’s needs that you won’t soon forget. Yikes.

For speaking enquiries and booking information please contact:

Morgane Moulherat
Marketing & PR Manager
+1 312 605 8900


CAMP Festival, 2018 – Calgary
OFFF Barcelona, 2018 – Barcelona
Adobe Creative Jam, 2017 – Chicago
Creative Tech Expo, 2017 – Chicago
OFFF Italia & DDD, 2016 – Milan
Digital Art Teachers Conference, 2016 – Chicago
PromaxBDA Videophonic, 2012 – Los Angeles
Virginia Commonwealth University
Columbus College of Art & Design
Tribeca Flashpoint College


No Boddy – the unassuming, Midwestern handle of Jeff Boddy – is a process-driven creative leader, director, family man, and nomad currently telling dad jokes at The Mill Chicago. As the Head of Design, he leads an ever-growing team of artists and animators across a broad range of styles. Jeff is also a Creative Director with Mill+, The Mill’s creative studio focused on originating, developing and directing content from concept to finished film. He employs an interdisciplinary approach to directing, including 2D, 3D, cut-out, cel-animation and miniatures.

Photos by Chris Milne, Amber Williams, Joana Prista