Sabra Salsa is as cold as commuting by dog-powered sled... And if you don’t believe me, just listen to our north of the border Mariachis. I directed the Hue&Cry team into the frozen tundra for this animation – a follow-up to the musicians' ice fishing debut.

The process began with the character design of our downtrodden heroine and hulking Yeti, followed by the layout of each shot, the sleds, and hand-off. Of course, it all came to life once we began animating, with the “Piñata” flipping mascot and dancing Yeti serving as frosty production highlights.



Client: Sabra Dipping Company

Agency: The Martin Agency

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Hue&Cry
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Associate Creative Director: Evan Parsons
Technical Director: Andrew Prousalis
Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano
Senior Producer: Whitney Green
Associate Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Megan Monticone
Storyboards: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis
Character Design & Illustration: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis, Shannon Rollins, Andrea Garza De Leon
Animation: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis
Composite: Timo Prousalis