After developing characters and layouts, we began working rigorously on a storyboard animatic (below). We synced our rough sketches with each line of the script which allowed us to quickly and efficiently experiment with ideas for each transition, such as the integration of type during some of the scene changes. It’s amazing how significantly these early decisions impact the overall storytelling of the final animation.

The Mill+ team and I helped introduce Pull-Up's new Time to Potty app with this fully animated trailer. We began designing the spunky little girl and her nurturing mother during the initial pitch. We had to pay close attention to the little girl's features and proportions; too wide and the "baby fat" suggested she was too young to begin potty training, while making her thinner or taller implied she was too old for Pull-Ups.



Client: Huggies

Agency: Ogilvy

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Mill+
Creative Director: Bowe King
Art Director: Jeff Boddy
Senior Producer: Tracey Khan
Illustrators: Rob Modini, Brian Gossett
3D Modelers: Rob Modini, Chris Mennuto
Storyboards: Adrian Navarro, Jeff Boddy
Character Animation: TJ Sochor
Motion Designers: Andrew Schoenweis, Jeff Boddy
Colorist: Luke Morrison