Oreo Wonderfilled – WOLF, SHARK, VAMPIRE

The Oreo Wonderfilled campaign launched to critical acclaim back in early 2013. The now iconic cel-animated anthem by Barcelona-based Martin Allais and Studio Animal featured the Big Bad Wolf, a blood-sucking vampire, and a killer shark over :90. Three years later, The Martin Agency approached us in hopes of giving each character their own :30 spot. It was an amazing opportunity, but an even greater challenge. The Hue&Cry team and I were tasked with developing original shots to visualize the new lyrics while reusing as much of the existing animation as possible.

The approval process (through countless international clients) was one of the most challenging of my career, but I’m quite proud of what we were able to accomplish. We created :18 of new animation for Wolf, :14 for Vampire, and :12 for Shark which seamlessly integrates with some of the hallmark moments of the original. Possibly the greatest compliment was being awarded the Wonderfilled Aladdin animation, due in no small part to our efforts on these :30 spots.



Client: Mondelez International

Agency: The Martin Agency

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Hue&Cry
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Associate Creative Director: Evan Parsons
Technical Director: Andrew Prousalis
Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano
Senior Producer: Whitney Green
Associate Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Megan Monticone
Storyboards: Matt Deans, Stephen Loveluck, Timo Prousalis, Ricardo Villavicencio
Animation: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis, Stephen Loveluck, Saxton Moore
Composite: Timo Prousalis
Flame Artist: Chris Hagen

Animation Director: Martin Allais
Animation Company: Studio Animal
Producer: Maria Soler Chopo
Storyboards & Illustration: Martin Allais
Animatic: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Matt Deans
Animation: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz
Tracing & Color: Ezequiel Cruz, Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo, Joel Morales
Composite: Santi Justribó, Martin Allais