Oreo – S'MORES

Summer Camp was never sweeter than the moment your torched marshmallow met your chocolate bar. Chances are that memory includes a crackling fire, a chorus of crickets, and the distant cry of a loon. This summer we helped Oreo open the Wonder Vault, yielding their delicious interpretation of this rite of passage: the s’more!

We created eight original illustrations to capture the spirit and breathed life into them with the subtlety of a starry night. Animated lyrics drive the storytelling – affectionately known as an “Oreoke” because hey, you may just want to sing along, too! So pull up a log, tune up the guitar, and have some more...



Client: Mondelez International

Agency: The Martin Agency
Art Director: Will Godwin

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Hue&Cry
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Associate Creative Director: Evan Parsons
Technical Director: Andrew Prousalis
Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano
Senior Producer: Whitney Green
Associate Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Megan Monticone
Storyboards: Matt Deans, Shannon Rollins
Illustration: Shannon Rollins
Animation: Liam Ward