Role: Creative Director
Studio: The Mill
Agency: Leo Burnett

“We want you to make a Super Bowl commercial in real time, using viewer submitted photos, and air it during the game.”
~SVP, Leo Burnett

And so began five months of preparation for a one day production. It’s worth noting that :30 seconds of air time runs around $5 million and over 111 million people would be watching. So you know, no pressure...

The concept was to feature real families through a montage of their own photos and videos, crowdsourced on game day, under the campaign query of “how do you family?” Kraft's goal was to raise brand awareness under their Family Greatly banner, knowing that 70% of viewers watch the game with their family. Kraft has been around for almost 100 years and their +130 products are in 90% of U.S. households, but no one was talking about them! That is, until we gave them a reason to… Hey, wanna be on TV?

The logistics involved with such a production were understandably challenging. We needed to (1) produce ads to encourage families to submit their photos and videos, (2) a team to “scrape" for our hashtags and download submissions, (3) a team to select the best submissions, (4) a team to get legal releases from everyone featured in each image, before it could be (5) used by the editorial team, and eventually (6) our animators and finishing artists. To complicate matters even further, we had to remove logos in over 200 approved photos and videos, including the numbers on NFL jerseys!

By halftime, all of our planning and rehearsing had paid off. We uploaded our finished ad for the network, and everyone involved – clients and creatives alike – gathered together to watch the :30 montage air LIVE! In the end, we received over 25,000 unique submissions and #FamilyGreatly was the second most used hashtag of all Super Bowl advertisers. Cue the end zone celebration!