Role: Director
Studio: The Mill
Agency: Energy BBDO

You gotta give a little to get a little! And every time you share a mint with someone, you make a connection. I had a great time co-directing these magical moments to help launch Extra’s new Chewy Mints. Our two-pronged attack focused on the performances and settings for each scene, which include a Hawaiian vacation, a camper, a football fanatic, and an aspiring Parisian.

After casting our minty fresh recipients, we turned our attention to each backdrop. We were inspired by theatrical stage design to capture the whimsy, charm and emotion of each encounter. This gave me the opportunity to reunite with Nix + Gerber, my favorite collaborators from Tic Tac Little Adventures. Laurie and Kathleen fabricated four unique sets based on our production designs, then loaded their van, and drove them from their Brooklyn studio to our stage in Chicago.

After the shoot, we worked to lock the edit while our illustrators and animators created additional performances – namely the dolphins, bear, and cheerleader. Our 2D team then married each character with their environment, before a final color pass brought our Extra worlds together.

I am happy to report these little OLVs broke 1.5MM views in the first week over at YouTube, and that’s pretty fresh.