In this :15 installment of the popular Go Little campaign, we learn that "Little is surprising.” As it turns out, a small container can really pack in a lot of flavor. Choosing the right container lead our development process through several rounds of original 3D vehicle designs. We arrived, much like the final clown car model, ready to release our multi-colored mints into the world. 

Aside from directing the animation process, my main contribution was the addition of the final pill, who pops out as if to say, “uh...guys?” More notably, this entire spot was modeled, animated, lit, and comped by Hue&Cry TD Andrew Prousalis. Big talent for a little mint.



Client: Ferrero

Agency: The Martin Agency

Animation Director: Jeff Boddy
Animation Company: Hue&Cry
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
Associate Creative Director: Evan Parsons
Technical Director: Andrew Prousalis
Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano
Senior Producer: Whitney Green
Associate Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Megan Monticone
Lead Animator: Andrew Prousalis
Flame Artist: Chris Hagen